(Covering St Austell and Surrounding Area)  




£30 for 1 hour

£45 for 1½ hours

£55 for 2 hours


Block booking: £30 discount 7 x 1½ hour lessons £285.(£27.14 per hour) 



Text: 07734445531

  E-mail: bobkeeper@hotmail.co.uk



 Why automatics..?

 If you‘re finding it hard learning to drive a manual car, why not try an Automatic Driving Lesson?
Learning to drive is much easier in an Automatic car, enabling you to pass your test and get on the road quicker.

  • All electric & hybrid cars are automatic
  • With more hybrid and electric vehicles being produced every year, and many manufacturers now only making automatics, automatic cars are the future. 






* Linda Hall (1st time pass )* Jowan Ackrell (1st time pass) * Sarah Eathorne ( 1st time pass ) * Debbie Trahair (1st time pass) * Tristan Rescorla * Georgie Martin *Daniel Stephenson * Charlotte Hotham (1st time pass)* Loeke Toher * Jack Stephens (1st time pass) * John Hart * Jack Taylor * Michael Roberts (1st time pass) *Ryan Daniels (1st time pass) * Jack Canvin (1st time pass) * Sonny O'Gara (1st time pass) * Hannah Christian (1st time pass) * Sophie Gray (zero faults) * Keiran Day *Jamie Nottle * Dani Marsh * Emily Kaighan * Jack Vincent * Beth Rosevear * Mike Plows (1st time pass) * Morgan McColl * Alex Crane (1st time pass) * Steph Hotham (1st time pass) * Kirsty Harris * Kayleigh Kast (1st time passs) * Christina Martin (1st time pass) * Nicola Paradowski * Baileigh Collins * Sara Ellery (1st time pass) * Charlie Todd (1st time pass) *Katya Smith * Megan Willumsen * Carmen Williams (1st time pass) * Casey Mounce (1st time pass) * Emma Covus * Amy Ellery (1st time pass) * Maria Norman (1st time pass)

* Evie Parish Roberts (1st time pass) * Lauren Evans * Haydn Rogers * Katie Cooper * Guy Widdows * Joe Burford * Glenn May-Barrett (1st time pass) * Sarah Boucharde * Davy Bartlett * James Brydon * Ryan Gilbert * Alex Bingley (1st time pass) * Cavan Boyer (1st time pass) * Abbie Durant (1st time pass) * Matt Horsfield (1st time pass) * Molly Burgess (1st time pass) * Joe Wakeham * Matt Wakley * Joni Douglas (1st time pass) * Lucy Wolfendale (1st time pass) * Karla Day (1st time pass) * Hayley Knowles * Emily Sutcliffe * Sam Mitchell * Connor Peters * Stuart Dowd (1st time pass) * Terry Crocker (1st time pass) * Katie Retallick * Fahti Oueslati * Antony Knott * Chloe Turner (1st time pass) * Joel Ferguson (1st time pass) * Liam Noy (1st time pass) * Kimberly Johns (1st time pass) * Brian Tucker (1st time pass) * Sophie Ham * Josie Boucharde * Caitlin Barron (1st time pass) * Rebecca Retallick *


  • Modern air conditioned car with dual controls
  • Experienced local Instructor                                      
  • Nervous learners welcome
  • Block booking discount
  • Pick up from home/college/work
  • Handouts to accompany each lesson
  • Pass Plus registered




I'm a "Grade A" (Instructor Grades)  experienced DVSA approved driving instructor and a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) covering St Austell and the surrounding areas. 

I've been involved in driver training for over twenty years and also teach car and trailer (B+E) and heavy goods (C,C+E)

I offer top quality training on a one to one basis, in a friendly, positive and patient way, to enable my pupils to get the best use of their time in the car, whilst still enjoying the whole learning experience.

My aim is that you, not only pass your driving test first time, but that you also develop the skills to drive safely once you're out on the road on your own.

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